August 2013 Newsletter

Dear Friends of Siphila Sonke,

The fierce winter storms that we have recently experienced are always a great reminder of how blessed those of us are who have solid homes, warm clothes, hot running water and food on our tables. As you can imagine, winter is a particularly challenging time for many people in our community and we are doing our best to support those who are desperately ill and/or in need. We are currently supporting 62 beneficiaries and their families.

Every now and then we receive letters of thanks from those we support, or see examples of how Siphila Sonke has really been able to make a difference in the life of one of our beneficiaries. We’d like to share some of these with you in our next few newsletters. Below is a letter we received from a beneficiary who lives in Rooidakke….

I just want to say thank you Very, very much to Siphila Sonke for their help and patience, for what they did for me. They visited me and I was so deeply ill. I can do nothing for myself. I just fell over, could not eat or wash myself. Then…. Siphila Sonke helped me. I was sent to Caledon Hospital….. I got a drip and oxygen. The doctors then said there is nothing they can do for me. When I came home again, Siphila Sonke gave me E-pap in a feeding bottle to drink because my stomach was empty. I could not eat anything, just the E-pap. I want to say thank you very, very much thank you for what was done to help me. They did not get tired of me. They came to see me. Thank you very very much Siphila Sonke for your help, I appreciate it a lot. From xxx, 26 years old, no children and I live with my mother in her house. Thank you very much Siphila Sonke, may God bless my love for you. Thank you Jesus you saved me from death. I can now walk to the day hospital with my own two feet. Thank you dear Jesus for your strength, you keep me alive, without you I can do nothing.” Letter of thanks from a beneficiary – directly translated from Afrikaans

This kind of feedback makes our work seem worthwhile. However, none of it is possible without your support. We have recently received some generous donations for which we are most grateful and we would also like to thank everyone who supported our recent fundraiser – the E&G Met – a night at the races! Wow – what an evening it was! This was a first for Grabouw and by popular demand, we will be hosting it again next year during April. See below and the attached collage for some photos of this fun event….


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