Non-monetary Donation

Siphila Sonke welcomes any and all non-monetary donations!  Non-monetary donations do not always need to be new or expensive items and may not even be something that you would’ve thought of donating in the past.  Please contact Tina Johnson, Siphila Sonke’s Manager, on + 27 (0)21 859 1496 or to discuss how you would like to help us!

The following are some ideas to inspire you!  Please know that whatever you do decide to donate, it will be greatly appreciated and put to good use.

  • Food: We would be most grateful if you would like to provide a pot of homemade soup, any fresh produce or any other non-perishable food to be included in the monthly food parcels, or for use by the Kids Club or Support Groups members.
  • Blankets & Clothing: Never underestimate the warmth a blanket can bring – physically and emotionally! Please feel free to donate a blanket at any time of the year, but especially over winter! Second hand clothing can also bring the new owner much comfort and joy. Next time you do some spring-cleaning, remember us!
  • Books, Board Games, Toys & Stationery: We are always happy to receive additional resources for our Kids Club! If your children have outgrown books, board games and toys, we will be happy to take these over!
  • Odds & Ends for Kids Club Art and Craft Classes and Support Groups: Toilet rolls, egg boxes, magazines, ribbon, wool, buttons, cotton, scraps of material and the like would all be welcome donations for use in our Kids Club Art and Craft Classes, and for our Beading and Sewing Support Groups.
  • Soap, Toothbrushes, Toothpaste & other Toiletries: Our children and beneficiaries regard these as luxuries, while we see them as basic everyday items. Toiletries are welcomed and distributed to children of the Kids Club as and to our beneficiaries as part of our monthly food parcels.
  • Seedlings, Plants, Seeds & Compost: These items would be most appreciated in help keeping our Gardening Support Group going from season to season.
  • Christmas Buckets &  Shoeboxes: At Christmas time we try to spread some Christmas cheer by including a Christmas Bucket filled with holiday treats for our Beneficiaries with their December food parcel.  We also give all our Kids Club children and the children of our Beneficiaries  a Christmas Shoebox filled with presents, which is sometimes the only gift that the children receive at Christmas.

Siphila Sonke Outreach Program