Donors and Funders

Siphila Sonke’s work would not be possible without the generous support of a number of churches, organisations, trusts and individuals, both locally and internationally.  Our grateful thanks to you all.

 Local Donors

The Elgin United Church has been instrumental in the establishment and development of Siphila Sonke and has made Siphila Sonke their major outreach programme. Elgin United was responsible for the building of the Imizamo United Church and the offices that Siphila Sonke now occupies. This church continues to play a critical role in providing guidance, prayer, support and assistance with fundraising.

The Dutch Reformed Church in Grabouw has also been very generous in providing Siphila Sonke with on-going monthly funding, for which we are most thankful.

The individuals and businesses in the local community of the village of Grabouw and farming community of Elgin have generously supported Siphila Sonke through once-off funding or regular, continued funding and/or donations of goods and services. We thank you each of you for this generous support.

In particular, we would like to thank the Wright Memorial Trust for their kind donation of funds in 2013 that enabled us to erect a good fence and a proper gate around the Imizamo Church complex and to level and re-grass the Kids Club playground.  As the gates to the complex are open Monday – Friday and again on Sundays, the children in the community now have a safe green area to play in, and both ABBA and Siphila Sonke make regular use of this lawn for various outdoor activities.

Additionally, the Wright Memorial Trust afforded us more funding in early 2014 that, together with other generous contributions from Local Donors and others, enabled us to undertake alterations to the container, which was previously generously donated by Safmarine. These alterations included a new roof, a veranda and 2 storerooms.  Additionally, the existing room has been upgraded to an additional classroom for the Kids Club with built-in desks and new furniture, enabling us to accommodate and help more children.  More recently the Wright Memorial Trust offered to sponsor our Kids Club for the 2015/16 financial year, for which we were very grateful.

We would also like to extend our thanks to the Learners at Applewood Preparatory School in Elgin, and their families, as well as members of the Elgin United Church congregation, who generously donate Christmas presents for our Kids Club children as well as the children of our beneficiaries, each Christmas.  The Kids Club Christmas party would not be the same without the shoebox full of presents that each child receives!  Additionally, Members of  Elgin United, as well as members of the Elgin Grabouw Community also kindly donate ‘Christmas Buckets’ each Christmas for our beneficiaries.

Last but not least we would like to thank the local chefs and venues of the Elgin and Grabouw communities – Rockhaven, Trails End Bike Hotel, Terra Madre to name a few –  who often host and cater for our fundraisers throughout the year. 

Other Donors

We have also been fortunate to receive generous funding from individuals and businesses further afield in South Africa, as well as abroad.  We are very grateful for these.  In particular we would like to extend our thanks to the Thomas family, who have been very considerate in supporting us over the recent years.

Additional mention must also be made of the Stormont Presbyterian Church in Belfast, Ireland, introduced to Siphila Sonke by Elgin United Church, who provided invaluable support to Siphila Sonke through extremely generous funding. It was this funding that has really enabled us to grow into the organisation we are today.

3At the beginning of 2010 the donation of a container by Safmarine made it possible to extend the Imizamo United Church premises and gave us much-needed additional office, storage and work space.  And our thanks to the Deciduous Fruit Industry Development Trust that supported our Kids Club financially for 2 years, from July 2012 – July 2014.

More recently, in 2017 the Cape Epic organisation gave us R10,000 towards our ‘Soul Food Camps’.  Our first camp was held in October 2016 for 24 girls aged between 13 – 18years. This funding was used to pay for accommodation for both a Boy’s camp in beginning of April 2017 and will also pay for a second Girl’s camp in October 2017. We are truly grateful for this generous donation that will go a long way in making the camps a reality for many children.

Annual Fundraising Activities

Siphila Sonke’s Fundraising team is kept busy throughout the year with planning fundraising events. 

Our annual fundraisers provide a significant source of income for Siphila Sonke. The generosity of renowned speakers such as Zapiro, Clem Sunter, Tim Noakes, Jane Shonfeld and Francois Pienaar, have made our ‘Guest Speaker Dinner Evenings’ a great success.  Our other fundrasing evenings such as the ‘E&G Met’ and have proved to be very entertaining! Thanks to the wonderful support from the local Grabouw and Elgin communities and businesses in attending, sponsoring and supporting these annual fundraisers       

The Elgin Open Gardens, which are held annually at the end of October and beginning of November, are also a great source of funds for us. We are extremely appreciative of the generous donations and support we receive from this event, from our local Grabouw and Elgin communities as well as from visitors to the area.

Special thanks to those who are exhibiting their gardens who choose Siphila Sonke as their charity to which to donate their entrance fees. A very big thank you to the Moodie family where Siphila Sonke hosted a tea garden in their beautiful garden at Eikenhof farm for a number of years, as well as to the Elgin United Church, who had offed their church hall to us over the Open Gardens weekend in previous years.  More recently to, thank you to Cecilia Hiemstra and her family of Carmel Farm and also to Jessie Walton of Keurbos Nursery Garden, where for the last 2 years we provided light farm style lunches and delicious homebaked teas to visitors.

Donor and Fundraising Opportunities

If you would like to become a Siphila Sonke Donor or to help us with our Fundraising activities,  please see more information under Get Involved.  You could also support us by buying tickets or attending our fundraising events.  When we hold an event, your contribution and/or attendance is vital!  For further information on our Fundraising Activities please see Upcoming Events.


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