Siphila Sonke is extremely fortunate to enjoy the support of up to 40 Volunteers from the local Grabouw and Elgin Communities.   We are an organisation with a small staff compliment and the assistance provided by our Volunteers help us keep our overheads to a minimum.  Additionally, all our fundraising activities – the backbone of any charity – would not be possible without our Volunteers!

Our Volunteers help in a number of different ways, including:

  • Managing finances
  • IT support
  • Writing newsletters
  • Writing thank you letters
  • Fundraising Activities
  • Cooking, baking and/or generally assisting at fundraising events
  • Making up food parcels and delivering them to our offices
  • Making soup for distribution to beneficiaries
  • Delivery of food parcels to beneficiaries
  • Conducting home visits to beneficiaries
  • Running or assisting the Support Groups and helping to upskill Beneficiaries
  • Providing counselling support to the Fieldworkers and Volunteers
  • Sorting clothing donations
  • Assisting or running classes in the Kids Club
  • Assisting with maintaining our grounds and gardens

A big thank you to all Volunteers who generously give their time, skills and resources to support Siphila Sonke in such a variety of ways – it all makes a huge difference!  If you would like to become a Siphila Sonke Volunteer, please find out more from the information under  Get Involved.


Siphila Sonke Outreach Program