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During a recent visit in one section of Waterworks, Linda & Bev came upon Matsepang who was one of our beneficiaries in 2011. Matsapang was a single (separated) mother of four who has come out of a very abusive relationship and was very ill with T.B.  She came to the attention of Siphila Sonke when she had been released from hospital having suffered a collapsed lung from her TB.  She was extremely weak, absolutely destitute and forced to leave her marital home with her children.

Since then she has recovered from her illness and Matsepang is now the principal of “Masiphumelele Edu Care Centre” and looks after over 38 children from 3 – 5 years.  Matsepang’s health has recovered and she is doing well, giving back to the community.

matsepang-beforeIn a letter from her in November 2016 she expresses her gratitude to Siphila Sonke for all the care and assistance provided  which helped her family survive during the difficult times when she was sick. Her eldest son completed his Matric last year and she says that the other children are very happy and doing well at school.