Home Visits

assessing holistic needs and providing emotional and spiritual support

The Siphila Sonke Fieldworkers visit all Beneficiaries in their homes, two or three times a month, to monitor their progress and circumstances. If required, additional visits will be made during the month, such as when Beneficiaries are very ill or need additional help.

During home visits, the Siphila Sonke Fieldworkers assess the Beneficiary‚Äôs needs and their full family circumstances, often identifying other ways in which Siphila Sonke can offer additional assistance.  Sometimes this additional assistance means using our networking contacts with other local community organisations to assist the Beneficiary and/or the family members, where these other organisations are better suited to helping under the circumstances e.g. in the case of neglected children, Child Welfare is contacted.  For more information see Additional Assistance.

Home visits are also an opportunity to provide emotional support to Beneficiaries, who sometimes just need the empathy and caring of another individual to feel uplifted. We also offer our Beneficiaries spiritual support through scripture reading and prayer.  All Beneficiaries are invited to join our Support Groups when they are well enough.   For more information see Support Groups.



Siphila Sonke Outreach Program