Siphila Sonke, which means ‘We Live Together’, strives to support and improve the quality of life of desperately poor families of the informal settlement near the village of Grabouw and the farming community of Elgin, in the Western Cape, South Africa.

Our Vision

Siphila Sonke’s vision is to live in a caring community where no vulnerable person is left unassisted; where children are occupied, safe and are assisted to reach their potential.

Our Mission

Siphila Sonke’s goal is to provide physical, spiritual and emotional support to those who are ill, vulnerable and needy in Grabouw. Siphila Sonke strives to enable beneficiaries of the above, support to regain their health, dignity and confidence, so that they may resume their role in the community.

Siphila Sonke’sKids Club provides additional life skills, religious instruction, structured play and academic help to children from the community, and occupies and stimulates them after school and during school holidays. The goal for each child is to grow into a healthy, confident teenager with morals and values, a dream for his/her future, a sense of responsibility and self-discipline.

Siphila Sonke Outreach Program